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Sewer cleaning, repair or replacement: we do it all

  1. Drain & Sewer Cleaning
  2. Sewer Inspection
  3. Sewer Repair
  4. Sewer Replacement
Drain & Sewer Cleaning

The best way to avoid major sewer problems is to
prevent them (or detect them) before they start. Our
drain and sewer cleaning services can do just that.
If you have standing water in your kitchen or bath and
need expert assistance, give us a call. Best Plumbing
can rooter your sewer or unclog your drains and get your
life back to normal in no time. Our service department
is ready to help, 24/7. And if we discover damage to your
lines, you can count on us to do the repair.

Count on Best Plumbing for professionally handling all your sewer needs. Cleaning, video inspection, repair or replacementócall for help at 206-633-1700.

Sewer Inspection

While we inspect sewers to locate problems when
you have them, a side sewer service can also be
a useful preventative maintenance tool. This diagnostic
procedure should also be considered an essential part
of any inspection process prior to purchasing a home.
We can detect broken or offset pipes underground
that can cause sewer backups or slow drains. Using
a camera with a high power LED light, we can pinpoint
any problem and display it on a high-resolution
monitor. Afterwards we provide you a DVD of the entire
inspection along with a detailed report of our findings.

Count on Best Plumbing for all your sewer needs. Call 206-633-1700.

Sewer Repair

Upon inspecting your sewer, we may recommend
a repair. When done correctly, a spot sewer repair can
save you the trouble of an entire replacement. At Best
Plumbing, our sewer specialists know how to get the job
done right. Whether it’s renewing a broken section of
your concrete/clay line or ABS/PVC piping, we can work
on the specific area that needs improvement to restore
proper flow. Need repairs on your storm line? We do
that, too. We also install catch basins and detention tank
systems. No one wants to hear they have a sewer problem,
but when you work with Best Plumbing, you can rest easy.
We’ll make sure your sewer is as good as new in no time.

Count on Best Plumbing for all your sewer needs. Call 206-633-1700.

Sewer Replacement

We know that an entire sewer replacement can be
daunting. You’re not only thinking about the financial
investment, but the toll it will take on your property.
That’s why at Best Plumbing we only use trench—less
replacement methods which have very limited impact
on your landscape. After we assess your unique needs,
the exact sewer problem, and the type and age of your
system, we recommend either the pipe bursting or the
pipe lining replacement method. Both are minimally
invasive. Of course before we start your project, we’ll
explain these methods in detail and walk you through
each step of the complete sewer replacement process.

Count on Best Plumbing for all your sewer needs. Call 206-633-1700.

An Example of Pipe Bursting Sewer Replacement

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Choose Best Plumbing for expert sewer and water line service.

Our Sewer Warranty*

5 Years on Repairs,
Replacement and
New Installation

* From completion date
on work outside of
building foundation

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