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Five Signs You Should Call Your Plumber

When something minor happens with your home plumbing, there’s often the impulse to ignore it and hope it goes away. Strange noises, a slow drain, or low water pressure — they’re annoying, but you can live with it, right? Unfortunately, these are usually signs that something is wrong with your pipes. Stay ahead of things […]

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Drain Cleaning for Greater Seattle

If it’s taking your sink forever to empty or there’s standing water in your dishwasher or laundry machine, then it means there’s a problem in your drain system. As grease, soap residue, hair (and occasionally small toys if you have young children) get washed down the drain, they slowly leave behind a layer of build […]

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Seattle Rooter & Sewer Line Repair

Our latest video provides a great overview of a rooting and sewer line repair we did for a Seattle homeowner. After our plumbing team arrived on the site, one of the first things they did was to locate a sewer cleanout and use a camera scope to perform a video inspection of the line to […]

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Taking Care of Your Side Sewer

Have you ever heard of a side sewer? If you own property in the greater Seattle area, it’s important to be knowledgeable about the plumbing on your land as you are legally obligated to maintain the pipes that connect to the public sewer main. Join Best Plumbing as we discuss side sewers and some of […]

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How Pipe Lining Works

In the third installation of our trenchless sewer repair video series, our team is working to repair a broken sewer line using a method known as cured in place pipe (CIPP). CIPP is great technique for repairing cracks or worn spots in a sewer line because it doesn’t require that the old line be dug […]

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Building Boom Plumbing Woes

Multi-family dwellings make up a large percentage of Seattle’s current construction boom. While necessary to help alleviate the city’s housing crunch, erecting a large apartment complex or multiple condos on what used to be parcel of land used for a single residence can lead to some significant plumbing issues. Trials of Urban Density One potential […]

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Trenchless Sewer Replacement – Day Two

Today we’re sharing the second part of our trenchless sewer repair video series, which shows what goes into this type of repair (and what owners can expect). In the previous video, we covered some of the preparation work before the actual repair. Now our plumbing team is getting into the thick of things as they […]

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Walking Through A Sewer Backup Repair

We recently started a new video series walking viewers through what a trenchless sewer repair job actually looks like for Seattle homeowners. Check it out or keep reading to learn more! Preparation The first step in any sewer job is to camera scope the line to identify the cause of the problem. In some cases […]

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Sewer Cleaning: Cabling vs. Jetting

If you notice that water is not draining down your sinks or appliances normally, you may need to clean your sewer lines. Sewer cleaning involves clearing out build up and debris in the sewer line so that water and waste can flow down the line without impediment. This is usually done using one of two […]