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Our crew received this wonderful thank you letter from a young customer who was excited that we got the pipes in their home working again after a small plumbing emergency. It really made everyone’s day! A locally owned and operated business, we have been serving Seattle’s plumbing needs for 50 years. One of the best […]

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Drain Cleaning for Greater Seattle

If it’s taking your sink forever to empty or there’s standing water in your dishwasher or laundry machine, then it means there’s a problem in your drain system. As grease, soap residue, hair (and occasionally small toys if you have young children) get washed down the drain, they slowly leave behind a layer of build […]

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Seattle Rooter & Sewer Line Repair

Our latest video provides a great overview of a rooting and sewer line repair we did for a Seattle homeowner. After our plumbing team arrived on the site, one of the first things they did was to locate a sewer cleanout and use a camera scope to perform a video inspection of the line to […]