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Catch Basins: Protect Your Foundation & Landscaping

Have you noticed water pooling in your yard or around your foundation? If so, you should consider installing a catch basin, as standing water can damage both your landscaping and your house. Keep reading to find out how catch basin systems work and why they’re a great addition to your Seattle home.

What Are Catch Basins?

A catch basin is essentially a concrete box installed beneath the ground near places in your yard where water tends to collect. The box features a grate system to help catch leaves and debris, while allowing water to flow all the way to the bottom of the basin. At the bottom, there are drainage pipes that help direct water to flow away from your home. Multiple basins can connect together to create a subtle, subterranean drainage system in your yard.

Why Should You Install One?

Standing water can cause a lot of property damage over time. If water is left sitting near your foundation, it can seep into weaknesses in the wall and cause the formation of cracks. Large puddles can can drown your lawn and harm other landscaping. Standing water can even attract pests and promote mold and bacteria growth. A catch basin helps prevent this damage by ensuring water is directed away from your property.

How Do You Maintain Your Catch Basin?

Catch basins have to be cleaned periodically to remove any debris that falls inside of them, as buildup can prevent water from flowing easily through the grate system. Additionally, annual maintenance will help detect any clogs or cracks in the system that might need to be repaired so your catch basin can work as designed.

If you are looking to have a catch basin installed, or need maintenance done to your existing one, Best Plumbing can help. Call us today for a project estimate or schedule a service appointment. We have served the greater Seattle and Bellevue areas since 1968!

Photo Credit: Photorama, available under Creative Commons CCO.

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