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Water Tank Service — Another Happy Customer!

We recently received this lovely thank you letter after two of our expert plumbers installed a new water heater tank. We always appreciate hearing from our customers!

Dear Sir:

I am writing to tell you that Casey Yates and Curt Whitehead did a good job putting in my water tank (7-18-17). They both were very professional and put no pressure on me to buy a new tank. I will highly recommend them and also Best Plumbing to my friends.



We know that water heaters are a significant investment so we make sure to handle them with the best care possible.

Even if you have any older water heater tank, as long as it has been well maintained over the course of its life, it probably doesn’t need to be replaced unless there’s a serious issue. A major reason people choose to replace their old water heater is to get a more efficient model or to change the tank capacity to better suit their needs (such as installing a larger water heater if you have a growing family). Beyond making life more comfortable, a smoothly operating water heater system can save you money on your utility bills and even help reduce your carbon footprint.

Our expert plumbers have the skills and experience necessary to install, upgrade, or repair a wide range of different water heater styles, including tankless systems. Visit our website to see a full listing of our water heater services!

Interested in more plumbing tips and tricks of the trade? Check out our YouTube channel and blog! Best Plumbing has been serving the greater Seattle area since 1968 and we are available 24/7 for your plumbing needs!

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