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Plumbing Tips For Summer Traveling

Before heading out on your summer vacation, make sure to follow these four quick steps to save money and help prevent the likelihood of coming home to an unpleasant plumbing surprise. Keep reading to learn more!

Water Heater

Turn down the water heater temperature before you leave on your trip. There’s no point in paying for hot water no one is going to use. While you’re at it, this is also a good time to check on the condition of your water heater.


A few days before your departure, work on emptying the fridge of easily spoiled items, such as dairy products, meat, tofu and fresh produce. Doing so will allow you to turn up the fridge thermometer and help cut energy costs. Remember, if you end up having to throw food out, make sure you dispose of waste properly and don’t simply pour everything down the drain. Doing so can clog your garbage disposal!

Appliances & Faucets

A couple of weeks before your trip make sure to check your faucets and appliances for any signs of leaks and loose hoses. If you’ve notice any small issues, like your toilet is continuously running, make sure you fix those problems before you leave. Ignoring small problems can be a costly mistake if a leak worsens when you’re out of town.

Sump Pumps

If your home has a basement, make sure to head downstairs and check that your sump pump is working properly. You never know what the weather might do while you’re gone and the last thing you want after a relaxing vacation is to find that your basement flooded during an unexpected summer storm.

Taking the time to check your plumbing will make sure that you can enjoy on your vacation, knowing that your house will be nice and dry when you return. For more expert plumbing tips, visit our blog or Youtube channel. We’re here to help you with your plumbing needs.

Photo Credit: msalguero, available under Creative Commons CCO.

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