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We Like Green | Best Plumbing, Seattle Plumbing Contractor

We Like Green

Best for the environment (and you)

Here at Best Plumbing, being green is a practice we established
long before it was trendy. Incorporating eco-friendly programs into
our business isn’t only good for the environment, however. Our green
programs make renovations/installations easier, help you save
money, and make the overall plumbing process more convenient.

Some of Best Plumbing’s green programs and practices include:

  • A product recycle program (We’ll take away and recycle your
    water heaters, porcelain sinks, tubs and toilets for free.)
  • Metal collection and recycle
  • On-site office recycling stations
  • A team of water conservation specialists

If being green is important to you, be sure to call Best Plumbing. Our mission is simple: be responsible stewards of the environment without compromising your life(style).

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